Friday, April 17, 2009

Wellington Museum

When we first woke up we went to Subway, me and Amelia got French Toast and Gabe got a breakfast sub. After this we went to the Welly Wellington museum ( welly is not a word I made it up! :) ! It was still early when we got there so at first we just walked around the souvenir shop. Amelia got a few things like shiny shells, candy, and earrings! After this we waited outside until it opened. The first exhibit we went to was the force exhibit. Here we got to ride a simulator that made you feel like you were in a earth quake. Also we saw the worlds largest DEAD SQUID! ( ewwww gross ) although it was pretty cool!: AND GUESS WHAT IT WAS A GIRL OH YA! ( JUST KIDDING)! After this we also went outside to look at different kinds of rocks, one of them was similar to Greenstone. When we were done here we also went to ride a ride like thing too! On this they could make you feel like you were motorcycling, swinging on a vine, skateboarding, playing rugby, swimming with dolphins, and bungee jumping! We also saw a exhibit that told about New Zealand. That was our day well bye bye! Bunny Glitter Kitty

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